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Asia Bunka Kaikan Dosokai (ABKD)/Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship(AOTS) Alumni Penang Regional Centre, a non-profit organization was established in 1970 and was officially registered in May 1971. It changes its present name to Pertubuhan Alumni ABK/AOTS in 1997. It was in mid-1960s, just a few year after AOTS had stated its training programs, that the first few Alumni Associations were founded in some countries. However, when AOTS, Japan moved its head office to Tokyo Kenshu Centre ( TKC) in 1982, the name and organization of the regional Alumni Associations became inappropriate to AOTS. Thus. AOTS proposed that all Alumni Societies change their names and currently a total of 70 Alumni Societies in 43 countries and regions were officially registered as the AOTS Alumni Societies.

When many participants of AOTS training programs return to their home countries after studying in Japan, they do more than apply their knowledge to the workplace. They join their local AOTS Alumni Society and dedicate themselves to the prosperity of their respective countries and the enhancement of friendly relations with Japan. *AOTS, Japan a non-profit organization, established in 1959 with the support of Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METi), trained over 130,000 persons in Japan over 170 countries and regions. In additional, it has organized various training programs outside Japan involving an astonishing figures of 290,000 participants from developing countries. The activities are financed by Japanese Government subsidy, company contributions and other sources.

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